Step #4:
Bring Out Her Wild Side

With this step, you bring out the part of the woman's personality that she only brings out behind closed doors. This is when you bring out the more primitive part of her brain that wants to have sex right now.

It's important to realize that ALL women have this sexual side.

Now, there are a variety of techniques I use to do this, but let me show how I'll use "cold reading" to bring out this side.

Cold reading is basically when you tell a woman things about herself. When you do this right, you'll actually convince the woman that you know her better than she knows herself and she'll accept whatever you're saying as true.

After talking to a woman for a little bit, I'll say something likeā€¦

"I bet when you meet someone you can be really shy, but there is that feeling you have where you find out they like you too and that's when you can loosen up and go crazy, the problem is you intimidate men, and most guys don't know how to get there with you."

Although this cold read seems pretty harmless, when you do it at the right time it can really bring out the woman's wild, sexual side.

And that's just one of many cold reads that you can use to get women into bed quickly and easily.

Now, lets talk about how to move things towards sex without words.