Step #3:
Give Her Permission to Sleep with You

Remember, girls love sex. So if a girl decides not to sleep with you its NOT because she doesn't want to have sex. A lot of the reasons a girl won't sleep with you are because of hidden objections she has in her mind.

In total, there are 14 objections. And, when you address all of them you'll remove ANY barrier to sex.

For instance, women really like doing slutty things, but they don't want to feel like a slut.

If a woman feels like you're going to judge her for sleeping with you too fast, she'll make you wait. If a woman feels like you're not going to respect her because she slept with you, or if she feels like you're going to think less of her, then she's not going to sleep with you.

But if you show you her that you're not judgmental, you're basically giving her permission to do what she really wants without fear or consequences.

Most women are really concerned about their reputations. So to protect their reputation, women need to know that you're discreet. That you're not the type of guy who runs off his mouth and like tells everyone that you hooked up with a girl.

One of my favorite phrases to throw out there early is, "I don't kiss and tell".

I'll just say, "You know, one thing about me is I do not kiss and tell. I think it's really weird when people are all up into everyone else's business and trying to kind of be too out there with their sexuality. I think it's nobody's business what happens between two adults."

Another big reasons girls will not sleep with guys quickly is because a lot of guys get really weird after sex.

A lot of men get hung up on the sex and become attached to the girl too quickly. They think the girl is their girlfriend, and start making plans right away.

So a big fear of attractive girls is that you might get clingy.

You have to convey that sex is not a big deal and if anything sexual happens between the two of you it will not get weird.

So the way that I like kill this objection is to tell a story about a female friend of mine who had a guy get weird after a one-night stand and then talk about how most people take sex too seriously.

This lets the girl know that it's not going to get weird, that you're not going to take sex too seriously, or you're not going to think that she has to become your girlfriend.

Now, once you've overcome her objections, its time to unleash her wild side.

I'll show you HOW we do that on the next page.