5 Simple Steps That Tell a Woman Its OK to
Have Sex With You… (Even if You’re Not Her Type)

From the desk of Jon Sinn
Professional Dating Coach.
Voted #2 Pickup Artist in the World.

Did you know that a girl actually LOSES attraction for you if you don't try to sleep with her?

Or if go for it, but you're "clumsy" about the seduction, even if she liked talking to you, she'll still reject your advances.

Did you know that most guys sleep with only a handful of girls throughout their life, and wind up marrying a woman they're not really attracted to just because they're scared of being alone or not having sex?

Did you know that all of this is reversible at any age?

That there is a specific "road map" to follow that tells a woman's brain that its OK to sleep with youand even compels her to crave having sex with you… and not after weeks of dating, of buying her dinner or gifts, but the very first night you meet her.

And it doesn't matter if you're old, inexperienced, or spent your entire life thinking you'll never be 'that guy'?

The roadmap is exactly the same.

My 12 years teaching "pickup advice" has allowed me to "reverse engineer" the roadmap for quickly getting a girl into bed. Over the years I have picked up SO many tips, tricks, and strategies that having sex is a matter of RINSE. WASH. REPEAT.

I've taught this ROADMAP to countless men over the years, and it always begins with the 5 steps you must apply to in order to quickly establish a "sexual relationship" by tapping into a female's natural desire for sex.

Here's a very simple 5-step process
that is designed to get you laid as much as you want, whenever you want…!

After years of obsessive research, here's the five simple, scientifically proven steps that must happen before sex happens.

Step #1:
Don't Hide the Fact You Want to F*ck Her

The bottom line is that deep down; women subconsciously expect things to happen fast when there's strong chemistry.

That's how their brains are wired, and its how mating happened back when we were living in the wilderness.

Back when our ancestors were finding a mate, they didn't have any coffee shops to take them to so they can have long, drawn out conversations so they can learn all about each other.

When there was attraction, sex happened fast, and that's still how our brains are wired. Her brain is wired to want to mate with you right away when there's a strong attraction.

The problem is that those long, boring, ordinary conversations don’t create that kind of attraction.

So when you try to be respectful or show her that you’re boyfriend material, and you WAIT to make your move, you actually leave her thinking that there’s no spark at all...

...and so she just moves on to the next guy who does make her feel that spark of sexual attraction.

You see, when you talk to women in a way that gets them sexually excited, you're actually showing her that it's okay to let that sensual, erotic side of her out to play.

If she sees that you're the kind of guy who is comfortable with that side of her, she'll gladly unleash it with you... right away.

BUT... if you try to be respectful, and polite, and wait a while before you even make the first move, guess what?

She is going to subconsciously feel like it's NOT okay to express that side of her, and she'll actually HIDE her sexual side because she thinks that's what you expect of her.

Did you get that? It's a really important point.

You see, the truth is... a woman will rarely ever be more sexual than her man. The man sets the expectations early on in the interaction, and that's what she uses as the reference point for how sexual she'll allow herself to become.