Give Me Five Hours and I’ll Show You How to Have a Life Filled with All the Sex You Could Possibly Want…

f you’re like most guys, what you really want is to have sex with more beautiful women than you are right now or you simply want to have more women in your life.

You also want to have that confidence of knowing that you can walk up to a beautiful woman at any time and make here yours. And you want to be able to get sexual with the women without feeling like a "creep" or like you’re doing something wrong.

The trouble is that if you’re talking to any women at all, you’re ending up with "nice" conversations that lead nowhere, or to the dreaded friend zone.

Or you always run out of things to say when talking to a beautiful woman because you don’t know what to do or say next.

Or it’s really difficult for you to "make a move" when you’re with a girl you’re attracted to because you’re ashamed of your sexual desires.

And this causes an endless cycle of frustration, pain and heartbreak.

If this sounds familiar then I have some very good news for you…

It’s not your fault!

Most likely you didn’t have anyone to teach you how to be "good with girls" when you were growing up. I sure didn’t. And it’s not like it’s easy to get help from your family or even your close friends in this area of life either.

Worse than that, in our society guys are NOT taught how to be sexual.

So what happens is that a lot of great guys never ask girls out, make a move or move their conversations past the "friend zone" because they’re terrified of demonstrating sexuality and being thought of as a creep, a pervert, or horny, or whatever stereotype you want to think of.

Let me tell you something, I love women and sex and I’m not ashamed of this fact and you shouldn’t be either.

And I developed the Seduction Roadmap specifically for all the awesome guys out there who’ve unfortunately been victimized by society’s rules and regulations regarding sex.

Most dating advice is focused on everything
BUT what you really want

You see, there’s a lot of information out there on "approaching women" and "attracting women"and "picking up women" but the problem with most of this information is that frankly, it doesn’t work.

To put it another way, most of the information out there doesn’t show you how to do the one thing it’s supposed to show you how to do, and that’s get you laid.

There’s never been anything that shows you exactly how to meet a girl for the first time and end up with her naked, under your covers as soon as possible.

All of the dating and seduction advice out there was NOT focused on teaching guys how to get laid. It was about things like attraction, flirting, inner-game, approaching women and stuff like that.

Let me tell you, these things mean NOTHING if they don’t lead to sex.

That’s why I’m here to change that with my BRAND NEW technology I created called the Seduction Roadmap...

The Seduction Roadmap
is My Proven System, Systematic Process for Making Sure Your Interactions with the Girls
You Want Lead to Your Bedroom…

With the Seduction Roadmap you’ll be able to create any kind of dating life you want whether that’s sleeping with A LOT more women or sleeping with that one, awesome girl over and over again.

Right now you’re probably wondering what exactly the Seduction Roadmap is and how it came about. That’s a very good question...

Let me tell you my story and how the Seduction Roadmap was created...

My name is Jon Sinn. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already know a little about me. You may now that I multiple times I was named the #1 Pick-Up Artist in the world. By now I’ve laid over 300 girls and I’ve talked to literally thousands of girls.

In addition, to being recognized for my own ability to pick-up girls, I’m very well-known for my ability to teach other men how to become outrageously successful with women. Here are some of my credentials in that arena...

Here are two important things
you need to know though:

I could go on and on with my credentials, but hopefully you get the idea by now. I’m giving you this information not to brag, but to let you know that if want to have a life-filled with an abundant supply of beautiful women, I’m the guy that is best-qualified to show you how to get there.

... On a completely different level than any other trainer I've seen"

"Sinn has had a huge impact on me. The best way to put it is that he just exudes game. It isn't really fair to say that he was the best trainer at the Superconference, because he is just on a completely different level from any other trainer that I've ever seen. What's even more remarkable is that even at that high of a level he just continues to relentlessly progress his skills and knowledge. Each time that I've trained with him over the past 12 months or so he seems to have a completely new set of insights.

- Cleanface (from a review posted on the Attraction Forums)

Sinn is the best coach out there"

"It's my opinion that when it comes to teaching seduction, Sinn is the best coach out there and has been for a very long time."

- Mark Manson NY Times Best Selling Author of "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck"

Sinn is literally the best instructor out there!"

"Sinn is literally the best instructor out there! There is a reason why I attend so many of this dude's seminars... Every time I leave a workshop with Sinn, I am amazed at the how much he has advanced the field of social dynamics.

Many of the advancements in Game over the past year are due to Sinn's creativity! Without him we would still be confined to Best Friend's Test and Who Lies More. And that is what sets Sinn apart from all others! It's his ability to consistently come up with new ideas on how to advance social dynamics that is absolutely amazing.

The amount of ORIGINAL material the guy has come up with is mind blowing! Day Game, Advanced Comfort, Same Night Lays- all of these are examples of Sinn's creativity and have greatly contributed to the success of his students!

He is such a valuable resource to the Community! Thank you for everything bro!

- Nathan Priest(from a review posted on the Attraction Forums) Fort Worth, Texas

In the past I couldn’t get laid to save my life…

But I must admit, I didn’t get to this point overnight. There was a lot of pain and struggle along the way.

Let me tell you a brief story about my background and how I developed the revolutionary four step system that you’re about to discover…

Not long ago, I was a total "loser" with girls.

In fact, this "shame" dictated my entire life. EVERYTHING I did, from working out to learning to play the guitar, was solely designed to compensate my for my lack of "worthiness" around girls.

What did happen was that every day I’d feel the pain of seeing a different hot girl walking hand in hand down the street with some jerk who I knew was no better than me.

It wasn’t until I got to college that I "lucked out" and found a girl who actually liked me. We dated for nine months but we never had sex. You see, she was a virgin and I really respected that so I agreed with her when she said, "Let’s wait until the time is right."

So after nine months of dating we decided to take "a break."

Guess what happened the week after we took our little "break"?

She had sex with not one, but TWO other guys!

I was crushed.

Have you ever felt so "empty" and "alone" that you think that something might be wrong with you?

That’s how I felt the weeks after I found out Barrie slept with the two guys. I felt like such a loser. And what you do you think I did when she told me she was "sorry"?

I took her back.

Why did I do this? It was simple really. I felt like I had to take her back or else I’d never get another girlfriend.

It took me nineteen years to get my first girlfriend. I didn’t want to wait another nineteen years or even longer to get a second one.

But after I took her back she ended up cheating on me and I somehow summoned up the inner strength to stand up for myself and finally break up with her.

I vowed to NEVER feel like such a loser again

After that, I decided I never wanted to feel like such a loser ever again, so I became determined to figure out this mystery we call "dealing with girls" and so I went on the Internet and typed in things like "How to pick up girls" and "how to attract women."

The first real "system" for meeting women that I came across was the one taught by a guy named Mystery, who you may have seen on the VH1 show The Pick-Up Artist or read about in the book, "The Game" by Neil Strauss.

I took everything that Mystery said like it was gospel.

For example, he said to do 50 approaches a week so that’s what I did.

After approaching 50 women a week for about 6 months I finally slept with a new girl. I continued to approach 50 women a week for about another year after that and eventually my results started getting more consistent.

I think I was probably sleeping with about two new girls a month on a regular basis. But I was still doing at least 200 approaches a month so my batting average wasn’t really that great.

Eventually, I met Mystery and was invited to become a junior instructor for his company. I then began traveling all over the United States and even to foreign countries like England, Sweden and Australia teaching the "Mystery Method" to guys all over the world.

Now the Mystery Method is a very rigid rules such as you must first approach the girl "indirectly," then you must "attract" her, then "build comfort" then later move her to a "seduction location" where you’ll begin the "seduction phase."

We also used to teach rules like "it takes an average of seven hours to get a girl into bed" and "never show your interest to a girl unless she first shows interest in you."

We even taught guys that you needed to wear outrageous outfits and do things like paint your nails black in order to get girls. In short, we taught guys they needed to be something they’re not.

Eventually, I noticed that there were quite a few guys who were breaking the rules of the Mystery Method left and right and were still getting laid like rock stars.

For example, there was one guy, Tommy that I hung out with that would never do anything "indirect" and would constantly tell girls how much he liked them and he was getting laid A LOT.

There was another guy I met named Jason, who we called Captain Jack, who was a master at getting girls into bed within about four hours of meeting them.

After seeing all this, I finally decided that the method that I was following was
flat out wrong.

So I moved to Dallas, Texas to learn first-hand from Captain Jack how he was able to get girls to sleep with him so quickly.

I then spent the next few years developing my own system for getting laid.

My goal is always to get the best results possible with the least amount of effort. So if I was doing something that did not lead me to the goal of getting the girl into bed, I would discard it.

And after years of obsessive research, I finally broke everything down into the four simple, scientifically proven steps that must happen before sex happens. These four steps form the basis of the Seduction Roadmap.

With the Seduction Roadmap, you have your very own “get laid” checklist: as long as the right “boxes” are checked in the right order, sex is guaranteed to happen.

The Great Thing About the
Seduction Roadmap is That it Works in All Environments and in Any Situations…

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to meet girls in bars or clubs or in day time environments like bookstores, coffee shops or the gym. They even work great for meeting women on dating apps like Tinder or off internet sites like

It also doesn’t matter if you’re looking to have a one night stand (or a bunch of one night stands!) or get into a long-term relationship with an awesome girl. The steps to seduction are always the same.

The Seduction Roadmap accounts for ALL of the types of girls and many more.

For example, there are some girls who will allow you to quickly sexually escalate on them after they’re attracted to you. Others need to feel comfort and connection before they’ll sleep with you. Others just want to be "seduced" (these are the ones you can sleep in an hour or less if you know what you’e doing).

Again, think of it like a checklist or series of milestones: as long as each milestone has been reached, sex is guaranteed to happen.

When you master these five steps you don’t need cool clothes, good looks or to be rich to have a ton of beautiful women in your life. The four steps do literally ALL the work for you! With the Seduction Roadmap, you’ll always know what the right next move to make is. There’s no more guessing "what to do" or "what to say" next.

Imagine, For a Moment… Just How Good You’d Feel… If You Finally had the Life of
Sexual Abundance That You Always Wanted…

With the Seduction Roadmap, getting a life filled with amazing women (or just that one, awesome girl) is well within your reach. You’ll no longer have to worry about running out of things to say when talking to the girls you’re attracted to or having your interactions fizzle out before things turn sexual.

Also, because the Seduction Roadmap is so simple and effective it’s going to be easy for you to finally get out there and talk to girls.

And for the first-time ever, you can learn the entire Seduction Roadmap process through a special multi-media training program I just created called the Seduction Roadmap Training Program.

In addition, you’re going to learn exactly how to apply the Seduction Roadmap in ANY situation to make sure you’ll get amazing results when you start using the Seduction Roadmap in the real world During this program, I’m going to take you by the hand and walk you through the Seduction Roadmap, step-by-step.

By the end of the program, you’ll have everything you need to go from where you are now to having the life filled with sexual abundance that you want and deserve.

And not only will you be getting laid like a rock star after you start using the Seduction Roadmap, but this confidence of knowing that you can get laid by a new, sexy girl WHENEVER you want is going to transform your ENTIRE life, not just your dating life.

Let’s Take a Look at What You Will Experience in the
Seduction Roadmap Training Program

The Seduction Roadmap Training Program consists of five multi-media training modules, which you get INSTANT ACCESS to. In each of these modules, I’ll take you step-by-step through the entire Seduction Roadmap process in great detail. You’ll get detailed explanations of each component of the Seduction Roadmap as well as TONS of examples and strategies of how to apply the Seduction Roadmap in the Real World.

Each module consists of a training video, and audio download of each module and transcript so you’re covered no matter what your learning style is.

You’re also going to get an accompanying pdf action guide with each module containing simple homework assignments and exercises for you do to make sure that you master the Seduction Roadmap and are able to apply it when you find yourself talking to a girl you’re attracted to.

Here’s exactly what we’re going to be covering in each of the training modules:

Seduction Roadmap Training

Module #1:
How to Completely Eliminate the Sexual Beliefs Holding You Back

The first training session is all about the Inner Game of Seduction. Because the first step is to banish sexual beliefs and anxiety.

There are a few, simple mindsets that you’re going to need to adopt if you want a life of sexual abundance, and we’re going to be covering these mindsets and HOW to get them in this training session.

The first belief we will drill into you is that women love sex just as much as men, but they need to have a guy who understands how to make them feel that sexual side of herself.

Here’s another belief I used to suffer from. Every time I wanted to make a move on a girl a little voice in my head said "She’ll think I just want sex." And this negative belief prevented me from making my move and landed me in the friend zone dozens of times with girls who would have slept with me.

We are going to systematically rid you of all these negative beliefs. Because the negative beliefs are like roadblocks. And a lot of the time you don’t even realize you have them.

We’re also going to tackling the topic of "sexual anxiety" in this module.

Sexual anxiety is one thing that may currently be crippling your love life. Once you get it handled, you’ll open up an entire world of sexual options for yourself.

I’ve helped literally hundreds of guys with sexual anxiety get rid of it relatively quickly and I’m going to show you the exact process I use with them in this session.

Here are a handful of what you’ll discover:

  • The 7 deadly "sexual beliefs" that MUST be eliminated
  • We’ll instill 5 "empowering sexual beliefs" that make getting laid easy
  • How to slowly push yourself out of your "sexual comfort zone"
  • How to instantly calm nervousness in sexual situations
  • Systemically weed out every belief holding you back from sexual abundance

Now there’s a chance that you might be thinking, "I don’t have sexual anxiety, how is this module going to help me?"

If that’s the case, you’re in luck because it means that you’re ahead of the game and it’s going to be even easier for you to adopt the Seductive Mindsets that you need to in order to master the Seduction Roadmap. Either way, the sexual confidence that you’ll have after this session is going to make you unstoppable.

Seduction Roadmap Training

Module #2:
How to Quickly Spark Sexual Attraction

This module is all about everything you need to become a master at creating sexual attraction, which is the first step of the Seduction Roadmap.

Because one of the things I noticed was that attraction is not this one-sided thing, not all attraction is created equal, not all attraction works to the same end.

Not all attraction actually leads to sex, because there are different kinds of attraction.

So the type of attraction you’re going to discover in this module is stuff that’s designed to hit that primitive brain, that urge to mate, that sexual part of a woman that needs to kick in, in order for her to be sexually attracted to you and be attracted in a manner that makes her want to get sexual very, very quickly.

Some of what we’ll be covering in this module:

  • The 5 triggers of sexual attraction
  • How to convey your sexuality without even saying a word!
  • How to quickly get the conversation focused on the girl so you can let the Seduction Roadmap work its magic!
  • How to display "sexual confidence" that ignites a woman’s deepest sexual desires
  • The right time... and the wrong time... to bring up the topic of sex and sexuality!
  • How to make that girl you’re talking to so comfortable that she’ll just assume that sex is eventually going to happen!
  • The 10 tools of sexual attraction and exactly how to slip them into any conversation, completely under-the-radar
  • And much more!

Believe me when I tell you that once you create sexual attraction, the rest of the seduction is downright easy. Put it this way, when you "open strong" and do a good job of setting everything up in the beginning, the "close" then becomes a natural and effortless process! This module will show you how to do this every time!

Seduction Roadmap Training

Module #3:
How to Overcome Every Objection Using "Sexual Frames"

The third module is all about setting sexual frames. A "frame" is simply the context of any interaction. When you set the proper sexual frames you are simply creating a context where sex with you is something that the girl wants to do and it’s something that she’s comfortable doing.

To put it another way, when you set the proper sexual frames, all the barriers and objections for the girl to have sex with you melt away. There are fourteen different frames and I’ll go over every one of them in detail in this session.

Now you might be thinking that fourteen frames sounds like a lot, but you have to realize that setting a frame is really easy. I personally have a few set things I say every time that I use to set the different frames and it takes me about two hours to set all fourteen of them.

So this is something you’d be doing either while on a date or in the first hour or so of meeting the girl if you’re looking to get a Same Night Lay.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, you don’t always have to set all fourteen frames.

There are five crucial frames that will get you laid almost every time, and if you set the other nine as well it’s almost impossible NOT to get laid.

And I’m not kidding about that.

Whenever I make a point to set all fourteen frames, I’m actually able to get the girl to agree to have sex with me before we even leave the club. And when we do get back to my place or hers, we usually head straight to the bedroom. These frames are that powerful.

Think about how awesome it’s going to be: once you set the proper frames, you’ll know for certain that you’re going to get laid.

No stress. No worry. No thinking "Should I make a move?" or "Should I kiss her?" You’ll be able to relax and simply enjoy spending time with this girl you’re attracted to.

Some of what we’ll be covering in this module:

  • All 14 "Sexual Frames" that melt away any barrier to sex
  • Exactly when to start using "sexual frames" in a conversation to get her turned on as quickly as possible
  • The 4 Framing Devices to drop them into a conversation under-the-radar
  • The art of using "sexual stories" to implant a frame into a woman’s mind, making her believe it was her idea to have sex
  • My exact, word-for-word scripts for setting all 14 frames

Seduction Roadmap Training

Module #4:
Unleashing Her Sexual Side

When you unleash the sexual side of the girl you’re talking to, you’re allowing her to see herself as a sexual person and this lets that sexual side come out to play.

You probably know that all girls have a part of them that is a little bit "naughty." In this module, I’m going to give you all the tools you need to bring out this naughty side.

This is very easy to do as well. As long as you’re able to follow a simple recipe, you’ll have everything you need to bring out the wild, sexual side of any girl you’re attracted to.

I’m also going to show you how to convey your own sexual side to the girl so she’ll see you as someone who she wants to have sex with.

When you unleash the girl’s sexual side and convey your own sexual side to the girl, the end result is that the girl is going to be super-comfortable with you escalating the interaction towards sex.

It’s as if both of you are on the same team with the common goal of ending up naked under your covers. Does that sound good? I sure hope so.

When you unleash the girl’s sexual side, you don’t have worry about the girl feeling uncomfortable when you escalate the interaction towards sex because she’s going to be on your side the whole time! So there will be no more being ashamed of your sexual desires.

You’ll be able to finally be the sexual, confident man that you were meant to be.

Here is some more of what you’ll discover in this module:

  • The 3 most powerful tools for unleashing a woman’s sexual side, and giving her permission to act on it
  • How to spark intense "sexual tension"
  • How to build a "Cold read" ladder that lets us build up to super sexual conversation in a way that sneaks right past her radar.
  • How to use "sexual qualifiers" to screen girls for sexuality and get her used to complying sexually to you
  • 5"sexual questions" that force a woman to imagine sex with you (even if she tries to resist it)
  • Dozens of "sex talk" examples (even if sexual talk intimidates you, I’ll show you how to innocently slip it into a conversation)
  • Word-for-word examples of EVERY SINGLE TECHNIQUE (You literally get MY SCRIPTS I’ve tested on hundreds of girls)

When you unleash the girl’s sexual side, you don’t have worry about the girl feeling uncomfortable when you escalate the interaction towards sex because she’s going to be on your side the whole time!

So there will be no more being ashamed of your sexual desires. You’ll be able to finally be the sexual, confident man that you were meant to be.

Seduction Roadmap Training

Module #5:
Closing the Deal
with Non-Verbal Seduction

In this session, you’re going to discover my secrets for getting sexual with the girl you’re attracted to without even saying a word. This is all about how to use body language and how to touch a girl so your conversation always moves towards sex.

Setting sexual frames and unleashing the girl’s sexual side make up most of the verbal components of the Seduction Roadmap. This section makes up the non-verbal components. When your verbal communication and non-verbal communication are on the same page, getting laid is really easy.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover in this training session:

  • How to make your seemingly "innocent" touches lead to sex every single time!
  • My all-time favorite routines for getting the first kiss (you get the entire word-for-word transcripts of my best "make out" routines.)
  • How to use "sexual accelerators" to make sure that sex happens fast (By fast I mean in under an hour, IF you use these techniques properly.)
  • Closely guarded secrets of how seduction masters get girls to escalation on them... and how you can do this too!
  • How to make sure that you get ZERO resistance when you and your girl get back to your place.
  • And much more!

When you master non-verbal seduction, you become totally in control of the interaction. YOU get to decide when sex is going to happen... and WHERE it’s going to happen. By the end of this session, you’ll have everything you need to become a master of non-verbal seduction.

This is the new Holy Grail of Seduction"

"Jon Sinn has created a completely brilliant Seduction Roadmap that guys of any skill can apply and start using immediately that will dramatically improve their game. Having access to his Seduction Roadmap program is like having direct access to the mind, thoughts and beliefs of one of the worlds top seduction masters. This is the new holy grail of seduction."

- Bill Preston Founder, PUA Forums

Responsible for me getting two new lays in a week!"

"can honestly say that Sinn's teachings were responsible for me getting two new lays and a botched threesome the week after hearing him speak. There was so much gold dished during the workshop it was ridiculous."

- Sexual Chocolate (from a Lay Report posted on the Attraction Forums) Los Angeles, California

The Seduction Roadmap has brought me life-changing results with women!"

The Seduction Roadmap has brought be life changing results with women. I have been in the community for over a year and prior to the training I had only 3 lays. After just 2 months of implementing the roadmap I got 3 lays. That means I accelerated my learning curve by about 10 months!

Let me tell you my most recently encounter. I met a beautiful brunette with blue eyes and big bust over 4th of july weekend. After just implementing a few things from the seduction roadmap such as sexual cold reading and sexual framing I had this following me around the bar.

A major turning point was something that I have only heard from the seduction roadmap. When I made sexual statements of "you are turning me on right now you need to stop" the girl literally grabbed me and started making out with me. Whats even more bizarre is that after continuing the steps of the seduction roadmap the girl was begging me to come with her and "watch a movie." I am sure you know how that turned out.

Thanks to Sinn I pretty much had the best 4th of July weekend ever and I am still getting amazing results from only a short period of time.

- Daniel G. Washington, DC

Imagine a Life of Complete
Sexual Satisfaction

Imagine what it would be like to meet a woman you’re attracted to and get her naked under your covers quickly and consistently. What about having more women in your life than you can handle?

How much would that be worth to you?

I’ve person spent five years, well over $50,000.00 and have talked to literally thousands of girls just to learn the information that formed the basis for the Seduction Roadmap.

Believe me, I would have cheerfully paid thousands of dollars to have this information when I was starting out.

And if you look at the raw numbers, I currently charge $500.00 per hour for phone coaching. Here, you’re getting five solid hour of training on my absolute best stuff. That’s a value of $2,500.00 in itself.

When I first came up with the Seduction Roadmap, I taught it to a very small test group of guys who paid $495.00 to learn it.

And believe me, based on the results of that test group, each and every one of those guys will tell you that getting the complete Seduction Roadmap training for $495.00 was a MAJOR bargain.

But I realize that not everyone can pay thousands of dollars for this program or even $495.00 for this program. And since I want to make this life-changing information affordable to everyone, I’ve decided to offer this program only $1.

However, the special online training platform I set up for this training is only equipped to handle a maximum of 500 students. This means that the Seduction Roadmap Training Program is going to be limited to only 500 lucky guys.

If you want to make sure you’re one of those 500 lucky guys you need to act quickly because this message is going out to well over 200,000 men which means that only one out of every 400 guys will get in.

If You’re Still Uncertain Let Me Put your Worries to Restwith my
100% No-Questions-Asked Unconditional 30-Day Guarantee

I know that there’s a slight chance that you might still be skeptical about whether this program is for you or not. If you’re feeling the least bit skeptical let me put your worries or concerns to rest by letting you "test drive" the entire program at my risk.

Here’s how this works: sign up for the program now and check out everything for yourself.

If after going through each of the five training modules , you don’t feel like the program is for you and you don’t feel like it’s going to dramatically transform your dating life, simply send me an email within the first 30 days of your purchase and let me know that you want to cancel the program I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

Obviously, I wouldn’t make this kind of offer if I wasn’t totally confident in the transformational power of this program.

Regular Price: $495

Today Only $1

That’s Not all! If you act quickly you also
get the following FREE bonuses

Special Bonus #1

How To Use The Seduction Roadmap To Get Laid Online (value: $77.00)

If you’re wondering if the Seduction Roadmap works for meeting women on dating apps like Tinder or Internet sites like Facebook and the answer is ABSOLUTELY.

If fact, because there are so many women on those sites these days, you will have virtually unlimited sexual options when you combine the power of the Seduction Roadmap with the power of the Internet.

You’ll discover EXACTLY how to use the Seduction Roadmap to get laid like a rockstar over the Internet. The training is complete with tons of word-for-word, "cut and paste" examples that you’re free to use for you own purpose. We’ve truly made getting laid as easy as pushing a button.

This training module is NOT available anywhere else. But if it was, I’m sure would cost you at least $77.00, but you get it FREE when you join the Seduction Roadmap Training Program today.

Special Bonus #2

A Special 78-Minute Training Module Exclusively On Same Night Lays

If you’re one of the first 200 people to sign up, you’ll also get access to a special 78-minute training module exclusively on Same Night Lays. While the main Seduction Roadmap Training Program is going to have a lot of information on how to apply the Seduction Roadmap to get Same Night Lays there are quite a few intricacies of Same Night Lays that I thought it would be a good idea to do training module just on this topic.

Put it this way, the main Seduction Roadmap Training will give you the equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree in Same Night Lays. If you want a Master’s Degree in Same Night Lays, you’re going to want to check out this module. You’re basically going to get all the information that I used to teach in my five hour, $197.00 per head Same Night Lays Seminar in this module.

Special Bonus #3

30 Day Trial Membership to the Seduction Roadmap Master’s Academy (value: $249.25)

In addition, to the five Seduction Roadmap Training Modules, when you sign up for the program today, you also get 30 day access (the first four weeks) of the Seduction Roadmap Master’s Academy completely free of charge.

The Seduction Roadmap Master’s Academy is a special 16-week training curriculum I designed that goes hand in hand with the five core training modules. Every week you’ll get an in depth, professionally shot training video on a specific aspect of the Seduction Roadmap. You’ll also get even more easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction on how to apply the Seduction Roadmap in ANY environment and ANY situation.

In addition, you TONS of LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS of me demonstrating every aspect of the Seduction Roadmap with hot girls. That’s right, you get to listen in as I demonstrate ALL my best sexual attraction techniques. You get to watch me set all 14 sexual frames on hot girls. You even get to see every aspect of non-verbal seduction demonstrated right before your eyes and tons more.

Not only that, but the 16-week training curriculum includes interviews with girls to give you special insights into how they think, a series of lessons on how to use the Seduction Roadmap on different "types" of girls, expanded trainings on how to apply the Seduction Roadmap in the day time and how to apply it at night time places like bars and clubs and MUCH more.

Based on the fact that my other professionally shot, video training program, my best-selling Day Game from A to Z Mastery Program currently costs $697, I’m sure I could sell just this 16-week Master’s Academy membership for at least $497, but you get FREE access to the first four weeks of the program just for ordering the Seduction Roadmap Training Program today.

Note: If you choose to stay in the Seduction Roadmap Master’s Academy beyond the 30-day free trial period, you can stay in the program for the remaining three months for the low investment of only $67 per month. Of course, you can cancel at any time by sending me an email.

Special Bonus #4

A Special Module On The Secrets To Dating Younger Women - A $97.00 value

Lately, I’ve been getting a TON of questions from older men who want to use the Seduction Roadmap to date and seduce younger women. Now, the Seduction Roadmap is the most powerful seduction system ever created so naturally, it works great on younger women.

But there are some very specific things you need to do if you’re an older guy using the Seduction Roadmap to get younger women so I decided to create a special training module on exactly this topic. This a brand new training that promises to get a lot of younger women into your bed regardless of your age. It has a $77.00 value.

Special Bonus #5

How To Use The Seduction Roadmap To F*ck Your Female Friend (value: $77.00)

If you’re wondering if the Seduction Roadmap works for finally getting one of your hot female friends into bed… the answer is a big YES.

This is THE program that will get you out of the friend zone and into her bed. If you have problems with getting put in the friend zone time and time again by women you are attracted to, then this program is the solution.

I go through the nuances of the Seduction Roadmap that you can use to make sure that amazing girl that you’re friends with right now will become your lover.

This also works for girls you haven’t even met yet. You’re no longer going to be just the "good friend"’re going to be the guy that she turns to for sexual satisfaction.

Special Bonus #6

The Approach Master Class - A $47.00 value

In this training, I show you in step-by-step detail exactly how to fearlessly go up and talk to women. You’ll learn everything you need in this training from how to get over that initial "approach anxiety" to the exact opening lines to use when you approach and much more.

I’ll also walk you through my exact 3-step formula to transition from using an "opener" to start the conversation to transitioning into normal conversation where you can begin planting the "Seduction Roadmap" seeds.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the program risk free for 30 days, if after you’ve checked everything out, you decide this program is not for you, simply email me and receive a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions asked

Regular Price: $495

Today Only $1

If You Don’t Take Advantage Of This Offer,
We Have A Parting "Gift" For You…

You’re not going to like this, but I’ve been 100% honest with you so far, so I’m not going to stop now.

My parting "gift" is a dose of reality.

You can keep doing exactly what you’re doing now. This will land you in the friend zone, lonely, and regretting all the girls you *could* have slept with but just didn’t know how to make it happen. And, even if you manage to find a girlfriend, you’ll always wonder what like *could* have been if you figured this out, you won’t fully enjoy your life.

You will be constantly looking at women imagining them naked, but feeling powerless to do anything about it. Your relationships with women will never feel complete because you’ll always feel like you "settled."

Your "midlife crisis" will kick into full gear… while others who have mastered the Seduction Roadmap will be enjoying a mid life celebration of hot, young, tail.

The months and years will pass, and you will have LOST a golden opportunity to take advantage of a proven the absolute lowest price that will ever be offered.

Sure, that’s not much of a gift...but I believe in tough love.

And, I believe in YOU. I believe that you will make the best and only decision for your greatest chance at giving yourself a life of complete sexual and emotional satisfaction.

Wouldn’t you love to be a guy that gets laid as much as you want, whenever you want?

The kind of guy that other guys admire, respect and even envy.

Let me tell you, when you walk into a room with a beautiful woman on your arm this is exactly what’s going to happen to you. Other people can’t help but to look at you differently.

Well all of this and more is possible when you master the Seduction Roadmap.

How Can You Know
If This Program Is For You?

If you have the type of women that are "your type" chasing you around and becoming addicted to you, you might not need it.

If you don’t have any anxiety, lack of self-esteem, or fear of getting sexual or escalating with women… and you never hit a dry spell, it might not be for you.

If you don’t have any problems when you are "in the moment"… and you’re always able to move from "nice guy" conversation into the type of conversation that turns a woman on in a sexual way, it might not be for you.

On the other hand, there are certain "chronic" problems men have that don’t EVER "just go away"…

Read through the list below… and if you find that you have experienced ANY ONE of these problems, I highly recommend you grab this program now.

However… if while reading through this list you realize that you have experienced more than one of these "chronic diseases" that are almost impossible to shake… you NEED to get this program immediately:

The bottom line is this:

I don’t need to tell you whether or not you need the information that is in this program. If you need it, you already know it.

There is a very good chance that this program contains THE KEY you need to have the success with women you want. And I want you to have it…

Secure, Risk-Free Acceptance Form

Yes, Jon! I want to stop being sexually frustrated and I want to start living the life filled with sexual abundance that I’ve always wanted!

I understand that this program, which others have previously paid $495.00 for, consists of the following five multi-media training modules:

  • Training Module #1: How to Completely Eliminate Sexual Anxiety
  • Training Module #2: Creating Sexual Attraction
  • Training Module #3: The Art of Setting Sexual Frames
  • Training Module #4: Unleash Her Sexual Side
  • Training Module #5: Non-Verbal Seduction

And since I’m responding right away, I also get the following
6 FREE Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: How To Use The Seduction Roadmap To Get Laid Online. A $97.00 value.
  • Bonus #2: A 30-day trial membership to the Seduction Roadmap Master’s Academy.* A $249.25 value.
  • Bonus #3: A Special 78-minute training module exclusively on Same Night Lays. A $197.00 value. (First 200 people only)
  • Bonus #4: A Special module on the Secrets to Dating Younger Women. A $97.00 value. (First 200 people only)
  • Bonus #5: How To Use The Seduction Roadmap To F*ck Your Female Friend (value: $77.00)
  • Bonus #6: The Approach Master Class - A $47.00 value

Finally, I also understand that the Seduction Roadmap Training Program is covered by your No-Risk Guarantee, which allows me to "test-drive" the entire program risk free for 30 days. If after I going through everything, I decide that this program is not for me, I’l simply send you an email to cancel my membership and I’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

[Note: If I choose to stay in the Seduction Roadmap Master’s Academy beyond the 30-day free trial period, I can stay in the program for the remaining three months for the low investment of only $67 per month. I can cancel at any time by sending you an email]

I get all of this for only $1



Jon Sinn

P.S. Remember, there are only 500 spots available for this program and they’re available on a first come, first-served basis. And since this message is going out to over 200,000 guys, I fully expect to sell out of them very soon. Sign up right now!

P.P.S. Three months from now you can be nothing more than three months older, or you can be in a position to experience a life filled with sexual abundance. The choice is yours. If you want to create the life of sexual abundance that you’re always dreamed of, sign up for the Seduction Roadmap Training Program right now while it’s fresh on your mind and before anything else comes up!

P.P.P.S This is a golden opportunity for you to finally do what needs to be done to create the successful dating life that you want. Let’s face it, on some level you know you have what it takes to get the success with women that you want and you may just need someone to kick you in the butt, get you into action and jump start your success.

Well I’m right here now, ready to take you by the hand and show you exactly how to have life filled with more sex than you can handle. Are you going to grab this opportunity? Or are you going to wait to be successful "later" or "when the time is right"?

If you’re ready to finally have the dating life you’ve always dreamed of...whether that means getting laid by a TON of beautiful women or just that one special girl (or anything in between), then join today

Regular Price: $495

Today Only $1

Worth every penny"

"Sinn's Seduction Roadmap was the first program that I ever purchased, and it was worth every penny. Sinn is a great teacher, and I truly believe that anyone who picks up any of his products will be able to put it into action instantly and effectively.

I bought the Seduction Roadmap because my social circle has me constantly being introduced to new women. The only problem was my inability to turn these meetings into something sexual with consistency, but that is no longer the case. By adopting the beliefs discussed and putting the routines into action, women are asking for my number at least twice a week. I was a believer from the start pulling a one-night-stand on day 2 of week two. This hasn't been a one time thing, the program really is great- my first time interactions are sooooooo much more sexual, my flirting skills are the best they've been, and my confidence with women has certainly increased.

I recommend the Seduction Roadmap to anyone with a desire to make a change for the better in their dating life, and who doesn't have the cash to drop on a bootcamp."

- Thomas O' Beirne ong Beach, NY

It's like getting hockey lessons from Wayne Gretzky"

"Can't say enough about Sinn. You are learning from one of the best PUAs on the planet. You just can't get than in other areas of your life. I'll never get hockey lessons from Wayne Gretzky or guitar lessons from Eric Clapton... but that's what learning from Sinn was like."

- Pryde

... It was so easy... it just happened"

Hey Sinn. I wanted to tell you about a same night lay that I had this weekend. I visited Dallas for a conference and after the conference ended I went to the hotel bar for a drink. I met a woman that was also at the conference at the bar and we started talking. An hour later we had sex in my hotel room. It was so easy. It just happened.

Basically the way it worked was guy meets girl -> guy follows Sinn's sexual roadmap -> guy has sex with girl an hour later.

All this time things that I learned in your sexual roadmap were popping up in my head and I simply followed your instructions. The sexual framing, sexual cold reads, things a woman should know about you before having sex with you, etc.At one point, while things started to heat up in the room, she showed signs of not wanting to have sex, shaking her head, saying to herself: 'what am I doing'. I remembered that you said that women are usually ready for sex 15 minutes later than guys. So I figured, I want sex, she's not ready yet, let's wait 15 minutes. I slowed down and 5 minutes later she was all over me.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for everything you've done for me. You are one of the major factors that turned me from a lame guy (with women) to a Pick-Up Artist. I'm a living proof that your system works.

- Y. S. New York, New York

I had an epic week of success with hotties thanks to your and Seduction Road Map program"

"I had an epic week of success with hotties thanks to your and Seduction Road Map program. I currently live in Hawaii and have found that I need to be more delicate about my approaches since the number of really hot white girls is smaller than a big city like NYC, which is why I prefer your strategies to Brad P's shocker approach.

I had my first day game success on the beach with a cute college chick with a ridiculous body that I spotted at Starbucks. I approached her while she was lying on the beach using your "I know this is really random..." technique and got her number and worked a date in that same week to get some Thai food. Thanks to you, I have made a dedicated effort to becoming a cool person, rather than just relying on routines and gimmicks. We had a super fun dinner conversation and ended up back at my place to watch a movie. I was able to escalate and an amazing sexual experience with her that night.

That same week, I got a text out of the blue by a hot blond girl I had approached and attracted a couple of months prior, before I had studied your Seduction Road Map program. I had not been able to escalate with her even though I had her number, and she moved to D.C. before I ever took a chance, so this random text was pretty lucky. She was only in town for a couple of days so I decided to get some balls and called her up, and we met up to have a couple of beers. I was able to be fun and flirty with her and found that my sexual anxiety was gone and that I was able to push myself to escalate, verbally and non-verbally. She only had a couple of minutes because she had a dinner date with a girlfriend, but we were able to meet up later for a movie and I used your sexual frames and found that she was extremely sexual and loved to get spanked and have her hair pulled. We had a great experience that night as well, and overall an epic week.

Your programs have radically improved all areas of my life. My confidence at work has increased tremendously and most of my friends are envious my ability to talk to girls and be social and fun in all situations. I am trying to avoid the paralysis of analysis so have been exclusively studying your stuff and Brad P's stuff. Again, I can't thank you enough for your amazing insights and will continue to read your blog and apply your awesome techniques. You are the man!"

- Alex Hawaii

Helped me breakthrough the platonic and friend zone barrier..."

Hey Jon, I signed up for your seduction roadmap program and have to say you delivered on the content again! I especially like your tools on building sexual attraction. I've been able to open, isolate, extract girls from sets and walking around with them around the venue like I haven't been able to previously thanks to your seduction roadmap training.

Your sexual attraction tools and statements of intents have really helped me break the platonic and friend zone barrier that I was having. The exercises you have us do were also great in helping me rework my beliefs and preparing me to use the tools of the seduction roadmap. The seduction roadmap is a great break away from other methodologies and very easy to digest and implement. Thanks for getting this out there for us guys and helping us navigate these pick up trenches. Cheers.

- K H Torrance, CA

I went from NOT getting second dates or being able to successfully escalate to, well, getting laid!"

"I'm very pleased with and very grateful for the help I've received from Jon's Seduction Roadmap training program.

I had been struggling with a specific sticking point for several months: I was getting first dates with girls but often could not get second dates or escalate sexually on the dates. I was getting enough initial attraction to get the date, but somehow in the course of that date the spark was fizzling out and I could not figure out why.

I have a couple of friends who are very, very good at sexually escalating on dates with girls-they are "naturals" in this department. I would consult with them about my sticking point but they couldn't really give me any advice that was actually helpful. This is the problem with trying to learn from naturals-it is so second nature to them that they often cannot articulate what they are doing that makes them successful.

I feel fortunate and grateful for Jon's Seduction Roadmap. Recently I finished the course and using several of Jon's techniques about setting sexual frames and non-verbal communication (namely, very specific pointers on eye contact and touching), I feel like I've busted through a big barrier.

On a recent first date with a very beautiful girl, I wound up making out with her in the hallway of the restaurant. This is a big deal for me because it is the first time I have gotten that physical with a girl in the actual venue of the date. I used very specific techniques Jon taught about eye contact, touching and setting non-judgmental and sexual frames.

I've also started dating a different really cool girl and although we haven't had sex yet, we have gotten very physical and it definitely seems to be heading down the path towards sex. Again, I have to credit using several of the skills that Jon teaches.

And with yet another girl that I just started dating, I recently had sex. What a breakthrough!

Keep in mind that this is going from consistently NOT getting second dates or being able to successfully escalate to, well, getting laid!

But the Seduction Roadmap has proved helpful not only while on the dates, themselves. It has also helped me more easily spark attraction when I approach new girls. I've specifically been using what Jon teaches about eye contact and other non-verbal elements of communication and this has helped with getting phone numbers and dates and with generally creating a more flirty and fun vibe.

I have a lot of female friends, and when they talk about being attracted to a guy, they speak of feeling "chemistry" or "a spark", which is girl-speak for sexual attraction. They do NOT talk about the guy having told some story demonstrating higher value. But how do you actually create "chemistry" or "a spark", or at least have a much better chance of creating it?

I find it kind of weird that there is very little taught in the community about creating SEXUAL attraction. In my personal experience just telling DHV stories does NOT work. Jon is the only person I know of in the community teaching so extensively and so in depth on the nature of SEXUAL attraction and very specific techniques to help facilitate it. I'm very grateful for his course."

Andrew Luxy Seattle, WA

I now have a plan and feel confident..."

"After taking the seduction roadmap I was able to get my first second date lay. It was amazing to see how she physically and emotionally responded when I applied the tactics and techniques of the seduction roadmap. Once she felt comfortable sharing her sexuality, whether it be through her words or her actions, I saw a side to women that I never thought existed.

Prior to this, the earliest I had ever had sex with a girl was two months into the relationship because I never knew what to do to make sex happen. Thanks to the seduction roadmap, I now have a plan and feel confident in having sex with her when I want to and NOT the other way around."

- Greg Grabowski Winter Park, FL

I actuality don't even tell my friends how quickly I can sleep with women now, because they probably wouldn't believe me"

I was in your bootcamp in Scottsdale AZ in Jan 2006, and saw you in Vegas at the Superconference in March 2007.A lot of your ideas and teachings have helped me a lot. I love a lot of the sound bites that I learned from you.

One that I have used A LOT is "Shhh... Daddy's talking" I have told that to other guys as well, and they use it, and have had great results. Girl's eyes get really big when you say that to them!!

I saw some of the clips from your Mehow video, and really liked how you were able to use a lot of traditional "community material", and made it look easy. I have seen a couple episodes of infield insider, and the 3 minutes I saw of you on youtube was more instructive than a couple full episodes I saw on DVD.

I started doing "strawberry fields" and a lot more sexual framing and have had great results. I actually don't even tell my friends how quickly I can sleep with women, because they probably wouldn't believe me.

I have a really awesome girlfriend right now, and I am really happy. She is super sexy, and was turning heads on New Years Eve, and is totally in love with me :-) Thanks for all you have taught me.

- Tim Phoenix, Arizona

The FASTEST way to get from where you are, to where you want to be!"

"Sinn promises that he delivers the most content per minute, and he does not fail to do so in his seduction roadmap. This program helps reframe your disadvantages and insecurities into qualities you can be proud of. What I like about this program is that, as well as providing overall themes, for seduction, it also provides solid lines; this is great if you often run out for things to say. I have been through tons of pickup material and self help books, and I can honestly say that Sinn's contents is the FASTEST way to get from where you are, to where you want to be."

- Jordan Tang Montreal, QC, CANADA

Regular Price: $495

Today Only $1


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